MD JARVIS Rental 6 month

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The MagneticDays rental options allow anyone wishing to do so to test the complete system (platform and training) for a limited period of 6 months. Rental Terms & Conditions can be found here.

By choosing the Jarvis 6 month rental option, you can train with the revolutionary MagneticDays method at home, followed step by step by our coaches, and take advantage of the innovative MD JARVIS platform.

The rental period includes in the price also 6 weeks of the MD HTT methodology.

The Jarvis rental package includes the MagneticDays methodology (12 workouts training package at a commercial).


MagneticDays MD-JARVIS

Two cycles of 6 workouts  (for 6 months)

Full kit ANT+ sensors (Heart Rate belt and RPM sensor)