MagneticDays was born in 2012 in the world of athletic cycling equipment to create innovative solutions and revolutionize the concept of "smart trainer". After 5 years of research and development, the first smart training system based on a scientific approach to training, was born: the JARVIS. Technology, Tuscan craftsmanship, precision mechanics and research of the best materials are the fundamental components of all MD products.

MagneticDays represents high quality and unique products, which enable specific training plans for anybody at any moment, depending on each customer's needs and goals. Thanks to the HTT (High Tech Training) METHODOLOGY which constitutes the most scientific training program currently available, our athletes work towards a complete physical and mental well-being as well as to boost their cycling performance. HTT goes beyond the concept of Power (Watt) and distinguishes it from its 2 fundamental components: Force (Newton) and RPM (Revolution Per Minute). Through the control of Force and RPM, we can help each athlete to improve their own physiological features with the goal to optimize wellness and performance.

MagneticDays - more than a smart trainer (PART 1)

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MagneticDays - more than a smart trainer (PART 3)

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