HTT 12 trainings package

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MD Jarvis and HTT training packages are all you need to reach your potential as an athlete with the best personalized workouts ever.

As an MD JARVIS owner, you will be in constant contact with one of our coaches and will focus on your needs and goals, and how to reach them.

 The program starts with a first test workout (extra package) to provide the Coach with your current fitness status. This is the foundation for planning the next 6 training sessions, which will be sent to you with the test results. 

 After 6 training sessions have been performed, your fitness level will be reevaluated by the coach, who will then send you the next 6 sessions. This continues until completion of the purchased package.

The individual workouts are valid for 2 months from the date of the execution of the first workout. During this period they may be freely repeated. After 2 months the workouts expire and will no longer be available.

The indoor training sessions will be complemented by weekly PLANNING with precise indications on the days in which to work INDOORS and on which days to work OUTDOORS (with details of the work to be carried out). 

The package contains 12 HTT workouts, each individual workout has a duration of 2 MONTHS from the first execution.

The Pack can only be run through a MagneticDays smart trainer, MD JARVIS.

Workouts can be executed from a Windows PC and/or with the MD WiFi App (iOS and Android).